Six-stage Treatment of Allergic Sinusitis and Epigastric Distension

This course is approved by NCCAOM (AOM-AC), California (Category 1), Florida (General), Texas (7 General, 2 Herb, 1 Bio) and British Columbia (Canada)

This course will discuss the treatment of allergic sinusitis and epigastric distension using a six-stage system for diagnosis and treatment as in the TCM classic The Discussion of Cold Damage (Shang Han Lun).

The six stages, also called the three yin and three yang stages, are named taiyang, yangming, shaoyang, taiyin, shaoyin and jueyin.  Moreover, in addition to one stage disease presenting individually, it is also possible for two or three stage diseases to occur at the same time. In this situation the terms "combined patterns" and "overlapping patterns" are employed.

This course will present the mechanism, accompanying symptoms, treatment principle, acupuncture points selected for allergic sinusitis and epigastric distension in different patterns based on six-stage theory.

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