Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

This course is approved by California Acupuncture Board (Category 1) and Florida Acupuncture Board (Biomedical Sciences).

Fulfills the NCCAOM 4PDA CPR requirement

This course will discuss the procedures of CPR including checking the scene and the person in cardiac arrest, calling 911, evaluating and opening the airway, checking for breathing, performing CPR, etc.

This course will also discuss the rate and depth of compression during CPR, the ratio of compressions to ventilations, and the differences between CPR for adults and children and infants.

In addition, this course will present how to use an AED properly.

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CEU/PDA amount: 3

Price: $14.97

NCCAOM #PDA-9022-0

FL #20-757512

CA #1510

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