Florida Acupuncture CEU Package #3 - 30 CEUs: $149.70

The Florida Board of Acupuncture mandates that acupuncturists complete 30 CEUs every two years.

Here is the breakdown of the 30 CEUs:

  • General Hours: 21 CEUs
    • Bloodletting Acupuncture 21 CEUs
  • Bio-Medicine: 5 CEUs
    • Analysis of Shoulder Pain in Biomedicine 5 CEUs
  • Medical Errors: 2 CEUs
    • Cupping Risk Prevention and Contraindications 2 CEUs
  • Laws & Rules: 2 CEUs
    • Correct Clinician-patient Relationship

We report Acupuncture CEU to CE Broker immediately. It may take a while for you to receive the credits due to the traffic on the CE Broker website. It usually will appear on your CE Broker account on the same day.

Course completions reported to CE Broker within 24 hours
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