California Acupuncture Distance CEU Package #2 - 25 CEUs: $124.75

50 CEUs required every 2 years before the last day of your birthday month:

25 Acupuncture CEUs may be completed through distance learning or online courses.

The remaining half of the Acupuncture CEUs (25), or all of them, can be earned in person or via a live webinar.

California 25 CEUs Distance Course Package:

  • Treating the Zang Organs With Seasonal Features 12 CEUs/PDAs
  • Treatment of Cough Caused by Disorders of Zang-Fu Organs in Addition to the Lungs 10 CEUs/PDAs
  • Intro to Impact of Western Medicine on Traditional Chinese Medicine 3 CEUs/PDAs
AcuSharpener CEU courses are approved by the California Board of Acupuncture
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