Live Webinar Instructions

4 Simple Steps

Follow these steps when the webinar is about to start. We will send you 2 reminder emails, one email after purchase and the other before the webinar starts.

  1. Log in to your AcuSharpener account.
  2. Click the Enter Session button for your webinar, which will appear 30 min to 1 hour before the session starts.
  3. Click the large Play button.
  4. Watch the webinar. Your attendance will be automatically recorded.
  5. Receive your certificate instantly in both your email and account, upon webinar completion.

Webinar FAQ

Do I need to take a quiz after a live webinar? No, you don't need to take a quiz after a live webinar.

How much time will the webinar take? The webinar will take 50 minutes for every CEU/PDA, since there is no break.

How can I interact with the instructor? You can use the Ask Question button at the bottom of the session page to ask questions anytime during the webinar.

When will the question be answered? During the webinar, about five to ten minutes are allocated for answering questions. If your question was not answered, you may email us if you wish.

Any questions? Please contact [email protected]