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GOOD NEWS: AcuSharpener now automatically report your PDA course completions to the NCCAOM automated certificate system. NCCAOM will send you a NCCAOM version of certificate shortly after your AcuSharpener PDA course completion.

Let's get started to create an account at AcuSharpener.

What is the difference between sign up and login at AcuSharpener?

If you don't have an account, you need to sign up first to create a new account.

If you already signed up and have your own account, you can just login in to access your account.

How do I register(sign up) on your website?

Just go to the sign up or login page or click My Account button, then, step by step, follow the system's instructions to easily register on AcuSharpener.

I don't receive the verification email in my email inbox, what shall I do next?

Please check the spam category in your email. If you have not received the verification email within 30 minutes, please contact us via email at [email protected] We will manually verify the email.

How long will it take for the CE course certificate to be reported to CE Broker?

Instantly, though it may take a while due to the traffic on CE Broker website. It usually will appear on the CE broker website on the same day.

I have more than one license number so how do I write the license number?

Just write your license numbers separated by any separated characters of your choice.

I need to update my name, what shall I do next?

Please email us with your registered email. After we verify your email and your new name, we will update for you.

I need to add a new license number from another state, what shall I do next?

Please email us with your registered email. After we verify your email, we will add your new license number to your account panel for you.

I fogot my registered email, what shall I do next?

Please email us with any email and tell us your name or license number, we will check from our database and email you with the registered email.

I fogot my password and I try to use forgot password to recover but I haven't received the reset password email. what shall I do next?

You probably use an email which is not the registered email. Please use your registered email. If you fogot your registered email, please email us. We will help you.

Acupuncture continuing education courses

What are the two types of acupuncture continuing education CEU/PDA courses on Acusharpener.org?

They are online acupuncture distance courses and acupuncture live webinars.

What is the language of your acupuncture continuing education CEU/PDA courses?

Our acupuncture continuing education CEU/PDA courses are written in English.

What is the format of your online acupuncture CEU/PDA distance courses?

Currently our online acupuncture CEU/PDA distance courses are all in PDF format.

Does an acupuncture distance course expire if I purchased it during a promotion?

No, they never expire. For example, John purchased a CEU/PDA course during promotion in 2020. Then John forgot to finish it. In 2030, he remembers the course and he can still finish the course to renew his license.

Are the courses approved by NCCAOM, California Acupuncture Board, Florida Acupuncture Board, and so on?

Yes, They are all approved by NCCAOM, California Acupuncture Board, Florida Acupuncture Board. For details, please visit our website.

How many questions are in our distance course quiz?

There are 10 questions in our distance course quiz.

How many correct answers are required to get the certificate?

7 correct answers to the questions are required for you to get the certificate.

If I failed a quiz, can I take quiz again?

Yes, you can. You can take quiz unlimited times until you get the certificate.

I purchased a live webinar, how do I attend the live webinar?

It’s very easy! Before the webinar starts, go to your account panel, click the Enter Session button, follow the instructions, you will attend the webinar easily.
If you are too busy to remember the time, don’t worry, we will send you 2 reminder emails, one email after purchase and the other before the webinar starts.

Do I need to take a quiz after a live webinar?

No, You don't need to take a quiz after a live webinar.

Can I access your live webinar via a smart phone or tablet?

Yes, you can. The live webinar can be easily accessed from a smartphone or tablet, as long as it can connect to the internet and view webpages


How secure is AcuSharpener.org?

At AcuSharpener.org, security is always our top priority. We take security seriously and have not had any security issues since our founding. We are certified by McAfee, Norton and TrustedSite to be a secure website. You can verify our site security here (Norton) and here (TrustedSite.) All your data is transmitted securely with TLS 1.3.

Payment for CEU/PDA courses

Can I use a credit card instead of a PayPal account for purchase?

Yes, you can pay with a credit card for our CEU/PDA courses. A PayPal account is not required.