One More Month of the Promotion Price!

June 12, 2019

Since we added new features and now automatically report course completions to CE Broker, we will extend the promotion price of $2.99 per CEU/PDA for the Treating the Zang Organs with Seasonal Features course to give an opportunity for acupuncturists who haven't purchased yet.

Good News For Florida Acupuncturists!

June 10, 2019

In our recent website update, automatically reporting to CE Broker for Florida acupuncturists was added! Remember to check the "If you are a Florida licensee, you must check the box on the left. " checkbox when signing up so CE Broker will be notified of your continuing education completion. If you didn't check the checkbox, we won't report your CEU to CE Broker.

Incorrect Answers Can Now Be Reviewed

June 10, 2019

Our IT department recently updated our website! Now, if you do not successfully complete the continuing education quiz, the website will instantly show you which answers were incorrect so you can review them. Remember, you can take the test unlimited times to receive your certificate!

AT&T (SBCGlobal and Email Verification

May 22, 2019

Recently, a small number of acupuncturists who were using AT&T ( and were not receiving the Email Verification from our signup system.

If you are signing up on our site and do not receive the Email Verification email in your inbox and have checked your Spam or Junk directories, please try using a different email address to sign up, or just contact us and we will help you with this procedure.

New security feature added

May 6, 2019

Today we added a recaptcha to further enhance our already A+ security. This technlogy can prevent DDOS, so you can recieve your acupuncture ceus more quickly and more securely.

Website Rated 100/100 in Performance

May 3, 2019

Recently a check was done on our website regarding its speed, and it was rated 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Desktop. This check proves that our website can allow you to use our website quickly. This speed rating is the only perfect score of all the acupuncture online continuing education websites.

How Secure Is Our Website?

May 3, 2019

Our website is proven to be very secure, based on results from many audits.


We use HTTPS on all our pages, so you can be assured that nobody that you don't authorize is spying on you.

We use advanced algorithms to make sure your passwords and personal data stay secure.

We always ensure that the latest software runs on our servers so this website stays safe.

Our website has been checked to contain no malware, which means it has not been changed maliciously.


We strive to keep you and your personal data safe so we use the accepted methods of security. Security is very important so we protect it well.